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Cooling Circulation Bath
  • Product Name: Cooling Circulation Bath
  • Category: Bath and Circulator
  • Models: JSCB-13C(L), JSCB-22C(L), JSCB-30C(L)
  • Precision Temperature
  • Colling by hermetically sealed compressor and temperature controlled by heater and with magnetic driven pump keep high precison temperature and uniformity
  • From -40 or -20 to 90.0, ±0.2 Accuracy, ±0.3 Uniformity
  • Digital PID Controller enables ±0.1℃ resolution
  • Over Temperature Protection, Alarm, Timer, Auto-tuning, in-built temperature calibration function

Circulation Capability

  • Stainless steel 304 bath is corrosion resistant and maintenance free
  • Magnetic driven pump is ABS material which is corrosion resistant from life time repeated usage
  • Pump assembly circulates water up to 7Liters/minutes(JSCB-35C:20Liters/minutes) @ high pressured up to 450 mbar pressure
  • Stainless steel flat lid included