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  • Product Name: Autoclave
  • Category: Autoclave/Sterilizer
  • Models: JSAC-40, JSAC-60, JSAC-80, JSAC-100
  • Up to 123
  • <±0.5 at 121.0
  • Pressure up to 1.2㎏-f/㎠
  • Digital PID control with pt-100 sensor
  • Fully automated sterilization cycle
  • Triple safety feature

Convenience & Safety

  • Verticalloading with service basket.
  • Digital PID controller precisely control the set temperature within ±0.5 and sterilization time in min:sec.
  • Dual LED displays current temperature and set temperature or remaining time simultaneously.
  • Stainless Steel 304(AISI304) interior, lid and top to protect from corrosion by water and steam.
  • Incoloy heating element, Provides long life, resistant to corrosion and high temperature in repeated use.
  • Triple safety feature for over temperature and overpressure
  • For sterilization of bacteria, microorganism and virus with steamed hot air usually at 121, 1.2kgf/㎠
  • Sterilization for laboratory ware needs being sterilized before. use such as flasks, bottles,
    pipets animal cages and plastic ware, broth or agar media for bacterial culture or
    disposal of bioharzad wastes such as syringe, cloth, gloves or petri dishes.