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Floor Standing Shaking Incubator
  • Product Name: Floor Standing Shaking Incubator
  • Category: Shaking Incubator
  • Models: JSSI-300C, 300CL

Precise Temp. & RPM Control

  • Integrated microprocessor digital PID controller provides temperature, shaking speed, timer and safety at once.
  • Equipped with wait-offer timer, alarm, auto-tuning and in-built temperature calibration function.
  • Temperature and shaking can be controlled together or independently with wait-off timer
  • Temperature from 10℃ ~ 60℃ by ±0.2℃ Accuracy
  • Feed-back logic control system provides shaking speed accuracy within ±1 rpm up to 300 rpm
  • Dual digital LED display PV and SV value and selection of temperature, speed and time display.


  • Transparent acrylic transparent viewing see-thru window for sample observation during operation without opening the doorr. Built-in working lamp
  • Shaking motion automatically cut-off to protect user from moving prats when door open.
  • Slow start and stop of shaking motion provides smooth operation and prevent shock
  • Spring rack holdes various shape of containers
  • Volume adjustable Flask Holder made by polycarbonate plastic