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Biohazard Safety Cabinet
  • Product Name: Biohazard Safety Cabinet
  • Category: Safety Cabinet
  • Models: JSCB-900SB, 1200SB, 1500SB, JSCB-1800SB

Biohazard Class II type A2 application

  • Class II type A2 design for personnel, product, sample, environment protection

0.3 ㎛ Particle 99.97% Removel Efficiency

  • Two minipleat HEPA filters, which operates at a typical efficiency of 99.7% at 0.3㎛ particles
  • These filter provide a higher level of personnel, product and cross contamination protection

Two HEPA Filter System

  • 65% of total air re-circulates within the cabinet and 35% of air vent trough HEPA filter to ambient

Back Light LCD Microprocessor Control

  • 9 Step Air velocity, FL & UV Lamp On/Off, Timer, total yuing time alarm

Weight balanced Smooth Sliding Sash Door

  • 5mm thick tempered safety glass

Silent Fan Blower

  • Noiseless and vibration free working environment