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General Incubator
  • Product Name: General Incubator
  • Category: Incubator
  • Models: JSGI-050T, JSGI-100T, JSGI-150T, JSGI-250T, JSGI-250DT

Perfect Performance

  • Up to Max. 70℃, ±0.1℃ Accuracy and ±0.5℃ Uniformity
  • Digital PID Controller enables ±0.1℃ resolution
  • Over Temperature Protection, Alarm, Timer, Auto-tuning


  • Round cornered chamber to protect contamination and easy clean
  • Eye level door mounted controller for easy access and recognition of operationg temperature
  • Transparent tempered safety inner glass door
  • Height adjustable shelve by 25mm increment
  • Dual Chamber Model JSGI-250DT for independent temperature control

Main Specifications