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Dual Chamber Low Temperature BOD Incubat
  • Product Name: Dual Chamber Low Temperature BOD Incubat
  • Category: Incubator
  • Models: JSBI-250DC(P)

Precision Temperature Control

  • Forced air circulation of chilled air by durable coaxial blower to achieve homogeneous heating and cooling dissipation throughout the chamber.
  • From 0 ~60℃, ±0.2℃accuracy and ±0.5℃uniformity
  • Digital PID controller enable ±0.1℃ resolution and control.
  • Equipped with wait-off timer, alarm, auto-tuning and in built temperature calibration function (Programmable control for JSBI-250DCP)
  • Durable and trouble-free stainless steel incololy sheath heater
  • Over temperature protection, over current leakage breaker

Modern Design

  • Eye level door mounted controller for easy access and recognition operating temperature.
  • Aero-dynamic design of air circulation from heating chamber located in back wall by vertical air flow achieve superior temperature uniformity.
  • Round cornered edge prevents contamination from liquid spills and easy to clean.

Convenience & Safety

  • Transparent tempered safety inner glass window
  • Height adjustable shelves by 25mm increment
  • Casters for easy movement.
  • Dual over-temperature protection safety
  • Electrical leakage cut-off.